General Information

The process of transferring ownership, combining properties and land splits can be a complicated process. There are many rules and regulations that each government entity must abide by. Because this process requires a certain level of expertise, a majority of taxpayers retain the services of a qualified attorney to assist with the matters listed below.

Transfer of Ownership

When a real property parcel transfers ownership a legal document commonly referred to as a “Deed” must be prepared. A deed transfer must be completed in order for a transfer to be considered a legal transaction. The Auditor is responsible for maintaining the accuracy of these records.

In order to transfer a property, a Conveyance Form is required in addition to the deed. The forms are then taken to the Allen County Auditor’s Office where a $3.00 per thousand Conveyance Fee is paid, plus a Transfer Fee of $0.50 per parcel.

Real Property Conveyance Fee Statement of Value and Receipt – DTE 100

When the forms are completed, the deed is then taken to the Allen County Recorder’s Office (Allen County Courthouse, Room 204) where it is legally recorded.  Access the Recorder’s Office recording fees.

If you have further questions regarding transfer of ownership, please contact the Auditor’s Office directly.

Combining Properties and Land Splits

Parcels involved in combining properties must be adjoining. The owner of record must be exactly the same for all the parcels involved. Any variation in the name(s) will result in the combination being rejected. Please note that land valuation may change due to combining properties. Adjustments will be made to the permanent record. Please note that a future split of the property may require Regional or City Planning Commission approval. 

In order to split portions of a parcel or create new plats, parcels must meet the requirements for conveyance and Allen County Regional or City Planning Commission regulations. A new survey is conducted for the effected parcels. A deed with the new legal description is then submitted to the Auditor’s Office. Once the split is approved, the property will then be conveyed and recorded.  Please note that all documents presented to the Auditor’s Office indicating a split must have the proper approval stamp(s) on the document before the split can be processed. 

Additional information regarding requirements of the Allen County Regional Planning Commission. 

Conveyance Fees

The conveyance fee is $3.00 per thousand of the purchase price. The transfer tax is $.50 per parcel. 

Please contact the Auditor’s Office directly for the Real Property Conveyance Fee Statement of Value and Receipt form.

There are various reasons as to why a taxpayer may not be responsible for the conveyance fees.  Please see the Statement of Reason for Exemption from Real Property Conveyance Fee directly for a list of exemptions.