Accounting Department

General Information

The Allen County Auditor serves as the Chief Fiscal Officer of the County and is responsible for maintaining accurate records of all money received by or paid out of the County treasury. The Accounting Department processes revenue, budgetary, accounts payable and payroll transactions. The sufficiency of cash balances to cover expenditures is closely monitored.

Financial Reports

Financial Reports are generated and distributed monthly and quarterly to County agencies and departments. These reports provide detailed and summarized information about financial activity.

Quarterly financial reports have been available online since 2004. These reports illustrate the financial status of the county comparing prior year and budget with the actual. The report also includes graphs to depict trends. In 2011, the format was changed to a newsletter so that additional valuable information could be shared. Search the quarterly reports and newsletters.

Monthly reports have been available online since 2009. The monthly reports include the YTD Cash Report. This is a summary of each fund’s beginning balance, total revenue, total expenditure, and ending balance. The summary and detail YTD expense and revenue reports are lengthy but give detailed information on each department by fund. In an effort to save money and staff time, departments go to our website for their financial reports.
Search the monthly reports.

Purchase Orders

Most County purchases are made through the issuance of a purchase order. The agencies enter requisition or purchase order information directly into the automated financial management system. Once the sufficiency of cash and available appropriation to meet the obligation has been determined, the money is “encumbered” (ear-marked). The Auditor’s certification is then affixed to the purchase order.

Vendor Payments

When goods or services have been received along with the related invoice, the agency enters pertinent information into the accounts payable software. This serves as an order to the Auditor to pay the vendor. The Accounting Department reviews all orders to verify the authenticity of the billing and the authorization for payment. The order is then posted and a warrant is generated. Accounts Payable staff members also process stop payments and issue replacements. The Department maintains the vendor master file and issues Form 1099 to qualifying vendors.

The Accounting Department processed 45,780 invoices on a total of 29,104 checks in 2013.


 The Accounting Department processes the payroll for the County’s 1,200 employees. All payroll notifications are distributed by the Payroll Department to the various agencies and departments. The Payroll Department also complies with all federal, state and local tax requirements, including monthly, quarterly and annual filings. Other responsibilities include remittance of voluntary and non-voluntary deductions and withholdings to the appropriate payees. These include retirement plan contributions, garnishments and child support payments. Another responsibility is the completion of reports and forms for various external entities, such as the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services, retirement systems and the Internal Revenue Service.

In 2013, the Payroll Clerk processed 28,939 direct deposits and 474 warrants.

Dog Tags

The Accounting Department is responsible for the issuance of dog tag licenses. Tags are an important tool in helping to locate the owner of a lost dog. Allen County issued 15,093 regular dog tags and 254 kennel licenses in 2013.

Unclaimed Funds

The Accounting Department serves as trustee of the County’s unclaimed funds and wages accounts. Valid claims are processed upon receipt of a notarized claim form. Search the unclaimed funds database. For more information on Unclaimed Funds please see the Unclaimed Funds page.