Financial Statements

The Auditor is the Chief Fiscal Officer for the County. It is the Auditor’s responsibility to account for the millions of dollars received each year by the county. The Auditor prepares various financial statements to report on the financial responsibilities of the county.

The Auditor believes in the transparency of government. Therefore, the Auditor has made the county financial statements easily accessible to the public. These statements offer the public the opportunity to observe how tax revenue is utilized.

In an effort to reduce costs, the Auditor began publishing the monthly financial statements on the Auditor’s website in October 2009. The quarterly financial statements have been added to the site since 2004. Please note that the quarterly statements created by the Auditor are not audited statements. The Year End Audit Report is the audit report issued from the State Auditor’s office. Sales Tax reports have been available on the website since 2007. Graphs have also been added depicting sales tax revenue since the inception of sales tax in 1970.  

Please click the link below for additional information on how the Auditor is accountable for tax money. Fiscal Responsibility – CAAO

Monthly Financial Statements
Tax Budgets
Audited Financial Statements