New Construction

The Auditor’s Office is responsible for setting a market value on property for taxation purposes.

The value of the property is derived from many variables, including the improvements on the property. Improvements include dwellings, commercial buildings, pole barns, etc. Each township, city and village has its own building and zoning guidelines. Per those guidelines, property owners are responsible for obtaining permits. Permits are obtained for making improvements to a parcel, such as a dwelling, garage or commercial building. The permits are sent to the Auditor’s office from the various government entities so that the parcel can be reviewed by an appraiser for a possible change in value. A taxpayer may notify the Auditor’s Office directly regarding a change to the property as well. If homeowners prefer, they can click on the Dwelling Information Card to update property information.

To obtain permit information please contact your local city or township.

Contact information for Township and City Zoning.

Please note that Monroe Township does not have zoning regulations. However, villages within Monroe Township may have zoning regulations.