Sales Tax

***Due to changes in the State Budget, effective October 1st, 2019, the current tax rate for Allen County is 6.85%.***

Sales tax is collected by all retailers and specific service providers when taxable retail sales occur. A use tax is collected on the storage, use, or other consumption of all tangible personal property and specific services that are subject to sales tax. The use tax is equal to the sales tax rate of the County.

The current state tax rate is 5.5%. Counties and regional transit authorities are able to levy sales tax in multiples of .25% up to 3%. The Sales Tax rate for Allen County is 6.85%. The total combined tax rate, including state, county and transit authority is not allowed to exceed 8.5%.

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Visit the Ohio Department of Taxation on Sales & Use Tax for additional information.

Visit the Ohio Department of Taxation for information on filing Sales Tax Returns Online.

Sales Tax made up 65% of the General Fund revenue for Allen County in 2018.