Scrap Yard License

For incorporated and unincorporated areas of Allen County, a scrap yard license is required by law when an establishment or place of business is maintained or operated for the purpose of storing, keeping, buying, or selling junk. The definition includes scrap metal processing facilities that are located within one thousand feet of the nearest edge of the right of way of a highway in the interstate or primary system.

The first step in obtaining a Scrap Yard License is to check with the local Zoning Department to see if you may transact this business from the desired address.

Before a license is granted or renewed in the County under section 4737.05 to 4737.12 of the Revised Code, the Sheriff of each county shall inspect the scrap yard with his respective jurisdiction to determine if it complies with sections 4737.05 to 4737.12 of the Ohio Revised Code. The Sheriff for the purpose of the inspection shall have free access to the grounds and buildings used for or proposed to use in the conduct of the scrap yard activity by the applicant or the licensee. For further instructions concerning this license, including the required inspection, contact:

Allen County Sheriff’s Office
333 N. Main St.
Lima, OH 45801
(419) 227-3535

After the County Auditor has an approved inspection, a scrap yard license may be issued. A vendor license from the County Auditor’s Office is required as well. Please refer to the Vendor License page for additional information about obtaining a vendor license.

For Automotive Salvage Dealers, contact the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles at (614) 752-7634.