Dog License

General Information

A dog license is required by law. On the occasion that a dog becomes lost, dog tags are a useful tool in reconnecting the dog to its rightful owner. Any dog that is over three (3) months of age is required to have a license. According to Ohio Revised Code, dog wardens shall seize and impound all dogs over three months old found not wearing valid registration tags. If the owner does not claim the lost dog, within 3 days, the dog shall be sold or euthanized. Therefore, it is imperative that dog owners maintain current tags for their dog(s).  

Registering for a Dog License

Dog licenses may be purchased on an annual, three (3) year, or permanent basis. A dog license must be obtained for any dog over three (3) months of age. For the forthcoming year, a dog owner can file for a dog license(s) beginning on December 1 through January 31. This allows a timeframe of 60 days for the dog license to be secured. If the dog license is not secured on or before January 31 a penalty will be assessed. The penalty must be paid at the time of registration.

Dog license fees beginning December 1:

Annual dog registration: $22.00 per tag
Three (3) Year 
dog registration: $66.00 per tag
dog registration: $220.00 per tag
Dangerous dog registration: $50.00 annually  

If a dog license is not secured by January 31 the fee is $44.00 per tag which includes the penalty.

If a dog owner obtains a new dog within the year, the dog owner has 30 days to file for a dog license.

If the registration tag is lost, a duplicate can be received at the Auditor’s Office or the Dog Warden’s Office for a $5.00 fee. Please note that the State of Ohio determines the fee for the duplicate tag.

Please note that $0.10 per dog tag goes to the Ohio State University Veterinary services for research.

Access the Dog License Registration form.

Access the Online Dog Licensing site.

Registering Puppies

According to the law, all dogs 3 months of age and older must be licensed. The dog owner has 30 days to file for a dog license. The dog license will be a full year’s fee between January 1 and July 1. If the dog becomes three months after July 1, the fee is one-half a full year’s fee. If the dog owner does not file for a dog license within 30 days of the dog becoming three months age, a penalty will be assessed. The penalty must be paid at the time of registration. 

Transferring a Dog License

An annual dog license is able to be transferred to a new owner. Three (3) year and permanent tags are non-transferable. For example, if Person A purchased a dog license for the year and then sells the dog to Person B, Person A can transfer the dog license to Person B instead of Person B purchasing a new dog license. Person A (the transferor) has to fill out the Transfer of Ownership Certificate, including the name and address of Person B (the transferee). There is a $5.00 charge to transfer the license. Please note that the State of Ohio determines the fee for transferring a dog license.

Access the Transfer of Ownership Certificate.

If a dog is deemed to be a dangerous dog, an additional form must be completed for the transfer of ownership.  Access the additional Transfer of Ownership Certificate form.

Kennel License

According to the law, a kennel owner is a person, partnership, firm, company or corporation that professionally engages in the business of breeding dogs for hunting or for sale. Beginning December 1, the cost of a kennel license is $110.00 for the first five (5) tags and $1.00 for each additional tag. The kennel license is sold if there are five or more dogs that fit into the criteria of being bred for hunting or for sale. The fee if purchased after the deadline is $220.00 for the first five (5) tags, which includes the penalty. A vendors license is required for the purpose of selling dogs, which can be purchased through the Auditor’s Office.

Access the Kennel License Registration

Locations to Obtain Licenses

Tags can be purchased in person ONLY at the The Dog Warden’s Office.

Kennel Licenses, Dangerous dog tags, Duplicate tags and registering a service dog can only be obtained from The Dog Warden’s Office.

Please note that the Dog Warden’s Office only accepts cash or check for payment.

A dog owner may also use the online site to obtain an annual dog license. The online site does not offer the three (3) year or permanent license.

Applications can be sent to the Dog Warden’s Office or dropped off at the Courthouse Drop Box (Exact change is necessary).

A duplicate tag can be obtained from the Auditor’s Office or Dog Warden’s Office.

Registering a service dog that meets ADA requirements, and obtaining a kennel license, must be completed at the Dog Warden’s Office. 

Change of Address

If there is a change of address within the county, please call the Auditor’s Office or the Dog Warden’s Office to update the address and/or telephone number. It is important to update this information. If a dog becomes lost, the Auditor’s Office and Dog Warden’s Office will have the correct contact information so that the dog is able to be quickly returned to its owner.

If the change of address is outside of Allen County, please contact the Auditor of that county to obtain licensing information.

Lost and Found Dogs

If your dog is lost there are several entities that you can contact to hopefully locate your dog:
Allen County Dog Warden 
Humane Society of Allen County

If you have found a lost dog with a tag, you may be able to locate the dog’s owner online.

If you have found a lost dog there are several entities that you can contact to hopefully locate the dog’s owner.
Allen County Dog Warden
Allen County Auditor’s Office
Humane Society of Allen County